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5 Lawn Maintenance Tips for a Lush Yard

Spring is the miraculous season of rebirth and renewal – when nature breathes life back into what seemed lifeless. Gorgeous buds break through hard ground, fresh saplings burst forth from the soil, and wildlife emerges to stretch their wings after a long winter’s sleep… It truly is an incredible thing to witness!  Spring also signals to homeowners that it is time to help their lawns emerge in a healthy way.  Below are five lawn maintenance tips for a lush yard, ensuring that your lawn is a gorgeous sea of emeralds!

Tip 1: Clean It Up

Refresh your lawn this spring with a deep clean and start anew. Get rid of the winter buildup by raking up any fallen leaves, branches or other debris that has infiltrated your grassy sanctuary. This will create space for much-needed sunlight and air to reach into the soil’s depths – essential nutrients for optimal lawn health!

Tip 2: Let It Breathe

Give your lawn the breath of life! Aeration is another important step in lawn maintenance, ensuring that essential oxygen, water, and nutrients can reach all the way down to your grassroots. If you tend an area enjoyed by many feet (or paws!), aerating is key to making sure enough resources get through compact soil layers – giving a little extra help so it can grow strong and vibrant.

Tip 3:  If You Feed It, It Will Grow

Healthy grass needs the right kind of nutrition in order to flourish and look its best. Feed your lawn with a fertilizer high in nitrogen during springtime for lush, leafy growth that will keep weeds from stealing vital nutrients away from your beloved blades! Take charge now so you can be proud of an even greener landscape come summer.

Tip 4:  Hydration Matters

Lawns need hydration just like we do. However, during the spring months, when blades are young and fresh, watering should be done infrequently, which means making sure your lawn is getting a good deep drink of water once or twice every week. Doing so will encourage strong roots to form and give it fortitude during drier months ahead – resulting in lush green grass in the summertime!

Tip 5: Make It Lush with Overseeding

Transform a dull, patchy lawn into an oasis of green by overseeding. Did you know that overseeding is a quick and easy way to make your lawn look like new? It’s a simple process of planting grass seed directly into the existing turf, without any uprooting. Not only does it fill in those pesky bald patches, but also creates lush greenery for better density and color! Choose the highest quality grass seed for your climate and spread it according to instructions. Once you’ve sown the seeds of success, make sure they get plenty of water so they can grow lusciously in their new home.

Bonus Tip: Hire a Professional Lawn Care Service

Transform your lawn into a mesmerizing oasis with the help of The Narrow Lane’s exceptional landscaping services. Our talented professionals can revive dull grass, tend to trees and shrubs, install sprinkler systems for optimal hydration needs and even spruce up landscapes with additional features such as outdoor lighting. Another important benefit of using a professional lawn care service is the time you regain by letting us do the work for you – you can focus on making memories in a breathtaking backyard today!

At The Narrow Lane, we help our clients with essential landscape decisions, and determine how best to provide lawn maintenance that will revitalize your yard in the Spring. To get a free estimate, contact us today!  We look forward to working with you!

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