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Looking to remodel your landscaping? Contact The Narrow Lane for Arlington’s most precise landscape design.

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Many Arlington residents benefit from landscape design, no matter your property’s aesthetic. Landscaping provides homeowners with a customized, cohesive property layout that meets their requirements for comfort and convenience. If you’re looking for the top landscaping design contractor in Arlington, MA, look no further.

At The Narrow Lane, we provide landscaping designs and installations to homeowners in Arlington, MA, and the surrounding areas. With more than 11 years in business, we provide our clients with solutions for their landscaping concerns. Choose us for our friendly professionals, a keen eye for detail, and rich landscaping knowledge. 

We have the necessary licensing, bonding, and insurance to protect your property while working. We’re the top-rated provider of comprehensive landscaping services in Arlington, MA.

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Landscaping Services in Arlington

Landscape Design

The most crucial step to any landscape in Arlington, MA, is a preliminary inspection. Our team studies your property and analyzes the following aspects:

  • Property size
  • Soil and grass condition
  • Humidity, temperature, and average weather
  • Existing plants and trees
  • Sunlight and shade

Next, your landscape architect looks for the most beneficial ways to utilize your property. Our team considers your goals and how you envision landscaping on your property. We’ll be transparent with you about what your property can handle and which plants thrive in your local climate.

We create various sketches of your property’s new layout for your review. We’ll also determine the ideal measurements for planting trees, installing hardscape elements, laying patio tile, and more.

You’ll get a meticulously planned landscape design in Arlington, MA. Our work will meet your standards for theme, plants and flowers, hardscaping, and other features. 

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Hardscape Designs

Our landscaping company also handles the installation and construction process. After completing your landscape design plan, we’ll craft custom hardscaping elements for your yard, driveway, or patio.

We’ll then plant the perfect flowers and trees for your garden, and anything else that completes your vision. We take each aspect seriously, knowing no detail is too small.

The Narrow Lane only works with the top landscape construction experts in the area. Whether you want to add trees to your property or renovate your backyard’s social area, our team has the knowledge and skills to help. You’ll receive a quality installation no matter the feature.

Choose us when you need a construction that blends seamlessly with existing elements. If your landscape needs an overhaul, let us remodel your space entirely. We guarantee your satisfaction with high-quality artistry from top-of-the-line equipment and knowledgeable landscape experts.

Landscaping Maintenance

After a successful landscape design, Arlington, MA clients have significant maintenance to keep it beautiful. This care will boost your curb appeal while adding to your home and property’s overall value. Our landscape maintenance services can help you with lawn upkeep.

Achieve a professional, well-manicured yard with our lawn care experts’ comprehensive solutions. We offer help with lawn care, fertilization, weed removal, and more. We’ll develop the perfect plan of action to keep weeds away and ensure your grass stays healthy and green. 

Your lawn should be as healthy as it appears. Our gardening team understands the pride many homeowners put into a yard that looks good. We’ll create an individualized plan for your property that targets problem areas and restores their beauty.

Landscape maintenance services from The Narrow Lane also include tree and bush trimming and other necessary upkeep. If you’re not confident in your maintenance abilities, contact us.

Do you long for a picture-perfect yard? Learn more about the importance of maintenance and other services when you visit our blog.

Expert Landscape Design Near Me

Remodeling your landscape is often stressful and time-consuming without expert assistance. Let The Narrow Lane ease your frustrations with reliable, detailed landscape design in Arlington, MA. We also offer landscape construction services and customized landscape maintenance services. 

Our extensive team of skilled professionals makes even the largest landscaping projects seem effortless. Furthermore, we complete smaller projects without disrupting your daily schedule. From crafting a mosaic patio tile layout to finding privacy hedges for your yard’s perimeter, we can help. 

As a leading landscaping contractor, we want area homeowners to experience the benefits of landscape design. Arlington, MA, is the perfect place to enjoy our top-notch landscaping services. Contact our friendly landscape design professionals to begin discussing your project at (617) 620-3795.

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