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Ready to turn your landscaping goals into a reality in Belmont, MA? Call our team and get expert assistance! landscape designFinding an experienced landscape designer in Belmont, MA can be complicated if you don’t know what to consider. You need someone with experience, attention to detail, and the resources to achieve your goals. If you’re looking for a “landscaper near me” that’s worth your time, look no further than The Narrow Lane. The Narrow Lane provides all the landscaping services you need for your Belmont, MA, property. For over ten years, we’ve helped clients in Belmont and beyond create their ideal landscapes. From installing cement and stone hardscaping to planting luscious gardens, we have experienced professionals who can do it all. Interested in seeing how we’ve helped countless others in the area? Visit our reviews and read how satisfied our clients are with our services!

Professional Landscaping Services

Design from a Top-Rated Landscape Architect Company

Planning your landscape requires significant consideration and organization. A landscape architect analyzes your property and develops a gorgeous layout that meets your requirements. They turn your property into a functional and convenient area for relaxing, celebrating, and more. A professional landscape designer in Belmont, MA, helps you plan and design the most strategic and aesthetically pleasing layout for your garden, patio, and other outdoor areas. Your property will become a hub for outdoor activity with native flowers, shrubbery, trees, and eye-catching hardscaping.  Working with us ensures you get a functional design that is easy to maintain. We’ll inspect your land and be honest about your property’s limitations. Our landscape designers have significant experience planning features and finding worthwhile alternatives when limitations arise.  We also understand that neighbors and wildlife pose concerns for Belmont residents. So, we’ll create a plan that meets your landscaping goals without disrupting the world around you. landscape design

Landscape Construction

After planning the perfect landscape design, the next step is installation and construction. Whether you want new plants, an outdoor patio, a flower garden, or other additions, we’ll install them using our sharp attention to detail and precision. We have all the tools to bring your dream landscape to life. The Narrow Lane’s construction team has years of experience with hardscape creation, property landscaping, and more. No matter your construction needs, we have a craftsman who can help. Whether you need a patio installation or want native trees planted, our team does it all. We understand your concerns regarding hardscaping construction. With our expert craftsmanship, you’ll get top-quality construction. You’ll get the most durable solutions and materials that match your property’s aesthetic.

Landscape Maintenance

As the top landscape designer in Belmont, MA, The Narrow Lane understands the many ways a landscape construction can change your property. However, with a new installation comes upkeep. We know it’s not easy to maintain a large property. With many different plants and trees, it’s easy to cause damage unknowingly. Don’t wreak havoc on your property with incorrect maintenance—seek help from your Belmont area landscaper instead. Our team has years of experience providing landscape maintenance services to our clients. We know the ins and outs of tree, grass, and plant upkeep. Our landscapers will prune unruly foliage and trim grass evenly. No job is too big or small for us. We provide expert maintenance, whether your property is acres large or only a few hundred square feet in size. Come to us for:
  • Grass trimming
  • Lawn fertilization treatments
  • Weed and pest removal assistance
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Contact the Most Reliable Landscaper Near Me in Belmont, MA

Landscaping services from The Narrow Lane can transform your outdoor space in or near Belmont, Massachusetts. Choose us for all your landscaping needs from start to finish. As an in-demand landscape contractor in Belmont, MA, we help the area’s residents get polished property design, construction, and maintenance services. We know every property is different and unique. To that end, we remove outdated elements from your yard while installing plants and hardscapes that best complement it.  Give us your requirements, and we’ll draw up a perfect plan. Our team has experience installing water features, stairs, patios, pools, and other outdoor activity areas. Whether you want a relaxation hub or a space to host large parties, we’ll make it happen.

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