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Beautify your property with landscape design – contact us at (617) 620-3795! landscape design Our team at the Narrow Lane creates beautiful outdoor spaces for property owners in Wellesley Hills, MA. Contact us if you’re interested in garden design to increase the aesthetic appeal of your lawn and boost your property value.
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Services Offered by Landscape Architects

Landscape architecture refers to the process of designing outdoor areas to complement your life and home. Members of our team have extensive experience and will provide you with a fresh perspective for your space. We assess your yard and your unique desires to develop a personalized plan for your outdoor space. Depending upon your ideas, the construction project may include building:
  • A patio
  • Walkways
  • Water features, like fountains
We provide you with support throughout the entire process. In addition to handling construction activities, we add plants, trees, and flowers to your front or back yard.

Personalize Your Yard with a Landscape Architect

Our team at the Narrow Lane includes design professionals who have the experience and training you want for a major project. We focus on all aspects of project management. The process begins when you reach out to us to come up with a design plan. Once we have a plan that you love, we begin landscape construction. We take all parts of the design process seriously, whether it involves building a stone wall or putting in garden beds to grow flowers, fruits, or vegetables. Working with a professional landscaper gives you peace of mind throughout the design process. We focus on doing the job the right way, helping you avoid problems later. Feel free to ask our landscape designers any questions you have throughout the process. landscape design

We Take Landscape Architecture Seriously

Creating a beautiful landscape makes outdoor living more pleasant, but we go beyond pure aesthetics when designing your lawn. Our crews also focus on creating designs that are:

Easy to Maintain

Yard work doesn’t have to take a significant amount of time out of your schedule every week. We create designs that require minimal upkeep, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature without putting in hours of work.

Fitting for Your Area

Some plants grow better in our area than others. We focus on using plants that thrive around Massachusetts, reducing the need for water. We also consider the amount of light you get throughout your yard before we begin planting.


Your yard should represent a pleasant place for you to spend time. We adjust our design to meet your needs, giving you space to entertain, grill out, garden, or play outdoor sports.

Contact Us for Landscape Design Services

Get the yard of your dreams with the Narrow Lane here in Wellesley Hills, MA. Reach us at (617) 620-3795 if you’ve been looking for “landscape design near me.” We handle all your landscaping needs and always put you first. Learn more about our services today and get professional assistance.

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