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Landscaping Trees and Shrubs and Their Environmental Impact

Green spaces are great, but without trees, they feel empty and barren. Imagine having a choice between spending a summer afternoon on a grassy field, in the full sun, or in a forest, protected by the green leaves of some shade trees. As any landscaping tree service will tell you, trees (and well-drained soil) are essential to any garden.

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They Have Many Beneficial Properties

Few plants provide as many benefits as trees. They provide ecological and health benefits and make worthwhile additions to any garden.

Improve Air Quality

Trees act as natural filters, absorbing and sequestering many pollutants while releasing oxygen at the same time. While having one elegant small tree won’t completely remove the pollution from your area, it will at least help combat the rise in pollution in many residential spaces.

Provide Habitats for Plants and Animals

A shade tree can provide protection for spring flowers, attract birds, and nurture a healthier ecosystem.

Trees with rich foliage can protect plants and animals from the harsh glare of the full sun while providing a useful habitat and food source for many animals throughout the year.

Conserve Energy by Providing Full or Partial Shade

Trees can absorb a lot of sunlight, which can potentially reduce your heating and cooling bill. If your house is in full sun, it will absorb a lot of heat during the summer, forcing your AC to work harder.

A bit of shade in late spring and summer can dramatically improve your energy conservation at home.

Improve Water Quality

Tree roots hold soil in place, and their root systems can provide aeration and ensure well-drained soil in your yard. They also protect flower clusters by intercepting wind and rain during heavy storms, ensuring a great-looking garden year-round.

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They Look Amazing

There’s a reason why so many gardens contain ornamental trees—they look amazing in almost any setting. No landscape installation is truly complete without the cascading branches of a willow or the early spring beauty of a cherry tree.

Even a small ornamental tree can be the focus of a landscaping project, with different shrubs and bushes offering just the right accents to truly bring the entire yard together.

If you want something more dramatic, a paper birch can grow rapidly, providing rich greenery during the early spring, and changing to the most beautiful orange fall color, bringing the seasons directly to your garden.

They Provide Many Landscaping Design Opportunities

Reduce Noise Pollution

Trees can provide a sound barrier, intercepting road and neighbor noise in addition to providing an isolating layer.

Improve Health and Wellbeing

There’s nothing better than watching a tree’s character change, from purple foliage in one season to orange in the next, and even the stark beauty of a leafless tree in winter.

Humans tend to relax in the presence of trees, and having some in your back yard can be a soothing haven, away from the stress of daily life.If you want to add some trees to your garden or get more information about their benefits, give The Narrow Lane a call at (617) 620-3795 today and we can help you with your landscaping design and planting need!

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