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Want to transform your Somerville, MA property? Give us a call today for the best landscape design.

With the right landscaping plan, Somerville homeowners can transform their yards into something beautiful with a touch of creativity and technical know-how. From landscape design to maintenance services, The Narrow Lane provides professional solutions for making your property look its best! Don’t settle for anything less – discover how they can make all your outdoor dreams come true in Massachusetts today!

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What We Provide

With The Narrow Lane, you can trust us to create your dream yard. We have the experience and expertise needed to transform any Somerville property into something spectacular. From new trees or a patio installation that ties in with the surrounding environment all – we’ve got it covered! Every project is thoughtfully planned out through our professional walkthroughs where potential pain points are identified – no detail goes unnoticed during your garden transformation process!

At our Somerville, MA landscaping firm, we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service from the start of your project. Before beginning any transformation to your yard or business landscape design, we take extra care for a full professional walkthrough with you – ensuring that all potential challenges and creative ideas are identified upfront so that expectations can be met throughout the entire process. 

Our dedicated team will stay involved in creating together whatever vision is desired, whether modernizing hardscape designs or refreshing your plantings. It’s this direct connection between client and contractor that has made us successful in expertly delivering quality garden transformations across the Somerville area!

Landscape Design Somerville, MA

The Design and Maintenance Process

Our construction team has the expertise, passion, and commitment to make your outdoor dreams come true. From comprehensive patios to flourishing plantings, our experienced professionals have installed it all – no project is too ambitious for The Narrow Lane! We understand that quality matters – with us on board you can expect superior work every step of the way.

Let us do the work for you! With our professional Somerville, MA landscaping services, we’ll ensure your outdoor space remains immaculate and beautiful. Our team of experts will take care of all mowing or intensive maintenance needs – no matter what it takes. As the top landscapers in town, we strive to create outdoor spaces that make people proud long after installation day has come and gone.

Work with the Top Somerville, MA Landscaping Company

If you’re considering installing a patio or just want to take advantage of our maintenance services, we’re always just a phone call away. We at The Narrow Lane established our reputation as the premier Somerville, MA landscaper due to our immaculate, customized work. Call us today at (617) 620-3795 to learn more about our services and landscaping experience in Somerville, MA!

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