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The Ultimate Guide To What You Get In Landscaping Maintenance

What Do You Get In Landscaping Maintenance

Many homeowners are looking for landscape professionals who can take care of the maintenance and tend to their lawns, gardens, trees, and other plants in their backyard. Professional service providers are always looking for ways to make their services more attractive to customers. 

Landscapes are a vital part of your curb appeal, and regular landscape maintenance can help your garden stand out from the rest of your neighborhood.

If you are thinking of hiring a professional service provider, you must know what they can do for you and what you can expect from them. 

The experts at The Narrow Lane shared their insights on how regular maintenance can make your landscape project stand out.

Why Is Landscape Maintenance Important

Regular maintenance is necessary because it keeps your lawn or garden looking healthy. Without regular maintenance, everything can quickly turn brown and appear dead. Regularly maintaining your landscape will keep the grass green and prevent mud puddles from drying up.

Regular landscape maintenance helps you prevent weeds, insect infestations, and diseases that can trouble the plants in your yard. Landscape maintenance professionals help you inspect your landscapes regularly to identify these potential problems before they start causing damage.

Maintenance can promote growth. For example, you want to trim your trees to grow tall and straight regularly. Well-trimmed trees are attractive to potential buyers when trying to sell your home.

It can also affect water runoff. Having a healthy and vibrant landscape will allow the rainwater to drain away from your house, which will prevent damage to your foundation.

Landscaping experts will also inspect your plants to ensure they get the fertilizer, nutrients, water, and sunlight they need. Because landscape professionals know how to identify problem symptoms in your yard or home lawn, there will be less risk of damage being done before problems are noticed.

Signs You Need Landscape Maintenance

Landscape projects require professional care to ensure the safety of your landscape. Indicators that your land needs maintenance services to include:

  • Large patches of dead or dying grass all over your lawn 
  • Your landscape starts looking dry and unhealthy.
  • Your grass is not as green as it used to be.
  • You see brown patches in your yard or garden.
  • The soil or mulch in your gardens starts separating from the ground.
  • There are more weeds.

When these problems keep happening, the chances are that you need a landscape maintenance plan. When you hire a professional landscaping service to take care of your landscape needs, they will offer you their expertise to ensure that your yard looks lush and green.

Landscaping companies can control moisture-related issues and ensure that your plants and grass continue to receive the water they need.

Regular maintenance can help you avoid a whole new landscape construction project. If you don’t maintain your landscape, you will have to handle a significant construction project sooner or later.

This can include cleaning out dead plants and filling the gaps with mulch, leveling the soil around the yard, redirecting water runoff, so it’s not going to flood your house or pool, and completely overhauling your landscape.

What To Expect From A Landscape Maintenance Plan

A typical landscape maintenance plan includes monthly or weekly visits from a professional landscaper. Their services may include mowing, mulching, trimming plants and trees, fertilizing, laying weed barrier cloth around your flower beds to prevent weeds from coming up, watering your grass and plants as needed, inspecting them for insects or diseases, and providing you with proposed plans to keep the current look of your landscape.

Most maintenance contracts have everything you need. If you do not have a landscape maintenance plan, your landscaping service may suggest starting with monthly visits to their company.

They can provide you with many services, such as debris removal and lawn chemical programs, that allow you to keep your landscape looking nice for a more extended period without doing the work yourself.

How Can Landscape Professionals Help You

Landscape professionals can help you in many ways. They maintain your landscape so that it looks charming year-round. Ensure that your plants look lush and green for as long as possible with regular watering, fertilizing, etc.

Providing you with an easy way to get rid of weeds, poison ivy, etc. Identifying plant diseases or problems with insects on your property and offering design suggestions that improve the look of your landscape.

Clean up any leaves on your lawn during the fall and winter months. Landscape professionals can provide you with their expertise to ensure the safety of your yard.

They can also help give your landscape a more lush and green appearance without spending as much time or effort as you need to if you did the work yourself.

The Narrow Lane Provides Exceptional Lawn Care Services

Professionals at The Narrow Lane are trained to provide top-notch landscape maintenance services to all of their customers. They are always available for your questions regarding their services and will gladly answer them.

Their services include fall clean-up, weed control, lawn mowing, and more. The Narrow Lane can take care of all your lawn care needs so you can spend your time doing other things. 

They can also help prevent any major landscaping projects in the future by offering their landscape maintenance plans to customers. These services will ensure that your yard looks great and green all year round without much effort.

Contact the professionals in Needham, MA at 781-661-6061 and let them help you maintain your landscape so that you want to spend your time on it!

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