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Without the landscape design process, your landscaping project becomes lengthy. Before you know it, the total expenses could surpass your budget. However, a detailed plan from a landscaping tree service can give you the streamlined landscaping process you deserve.

Take your landscape design ideas to the next level with The Narrow Lane. Our team resolves all your landscaping concerns and brings your ideas to life. Get started with help from our landscaping and design experts by calling (617) 620-3795.

1. Conducting a Site Inventory and Analysis

The first step in the landscape design process is to inspect the site and analyze the area. By conducting this analysis, professional landscapers can better determine how to approach your project. They’ll also consider the best plants and hardscaping for your property.

During this process, landscapers will examine the following:

  • Overall available space
  • Soil
  • Chance of flooding
  • Sun, wind, and rain exposure
  • Drainage
  • Average temperature and humidity
  • Future maintenance considerations

During this important step, your landscaping company will determine what’s impossible for your property. 

2. Determining Your Needs

At this point in the process, you can provide the professionals with a list of everything you’d like for your landscape design. Although designers try to meet all your landscaping priorities, you should remain open to suggestions and changes. Remember that your yard size may limit your potential inclusions.

Your landscaping design professionals will meet with you and your family to get everyone’s input on the design’s inclusions. They’ll ask you for your big-picture landscape vision as well as any desired features. Do you want a simple layout or something with lavish landscaping, trees, and shrubs? 

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3. Creating Functional Diagrams

The landscape designer takes your wants and needs and finds a way to fulfill them in your space. They consider every plant, tree, or piece of furniture. Finally, they select the ideal general area for it that adds convenience to your outdoor experience.

The drawing they create is called a functional diagram. These preliminary ideas help them place elements in the most advantageous places. If you want a specific property style, they’ll use this step to create the theme and arrange all landscaping elements according to what matches this style.

For example, a hardscape kitchen may be close to the house to make outdoor clean-up fast. 

4. Developing Conceptual Design Plans

The next part of the landscape design process involves experimenting with the placement of various features. The landscapers will take the functional diagrams and extend them with greater detail.

They’ll determine which plants should go in each area, arrange every piece of furniture you want for the property, and more. Any considerations not previously finalized become final in this step.

Layered plants, bridges, shady areas, and other aspects also get attention in this step. These elements can create distinct outdoor areas. As a result, they make it easy for each family member to enjoy their hobbies separately or together.

5. Drawing a Final Design Plan

After the final sketches are complete, the design plan receives even further detail. Landscape designers add final touches, such as measurements for hardscaping, grass and plant installations, and more.

Your landscaping team understands every plant and tree they implement on your property. Therefore, they will know how much space to leave between natural elements. They can also provide tips on future maintenance.

You’ll view the final design plan and confirm the designer’s selections. Then, the installation process will begin.

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6. Installation

After completing the final landscape plan, your landscaping company will start the physical labor. They’ll remove any unnecessary elements on your property, such as dead trees and plants, damaged hardscaping, and weeds. Then, they’ll build and install all elements from your plan.

They’ll implement the necessary concrete hardscaping elements, plant trees and bushes, and spread mulch. They’ll also include additional elements in your final installation. If your design plan includes outdoor kitchens, patios, or pools, they’ll install these features.

Achieve the Property of Your Dreams with Detailed Landscape Design Plans

At The Narrow Lane, we meet your landscape, architectural, and other property needs with a detailed landscape design process. No matter your requirements, we make it easy to get the landscape layout of your dreams. 

Whether you want a flowing garden with water features and stairs or a relaxing patio with shade trees, our team can help you reach your outdoor aesthetic goals. You can significantly improve your property’s curb appeal and overall value with help from our team. Don’t live wondering what your property’s potential could be. Contact The Narrow Lane for the most comprehensive, individualized landscape design process in Needham, MA. Call us at (617) 620-3795 today.

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