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The Magic of Outdoor Lighting

Welcome to the magical world of outdoor lighting! We all know there’s something special about taking a walk in your yard on a cool evening, with an ambient glow cast around you as the sun sets. Installing outdoor lighting adds character and warmth to any outdoor space, making it look inviting and more luxurious by night. Whether you want to brighten up your gardens, patio areas or pathways with soft lights; create a dramatic backdrop during night-time parties; or enhance security while keeping things safe – the possibilities are truly infinite! Let us show you three easy ways to incorporate beauty and style with this illuminating solution.

Idea One: Step Lighting

Step lighting is the perfect way to keep your outdoor area safe and secure while providing a subtle glow. Easily mountable on wood, concrete, or any other flat surface, this low-level illumination ensures that even after dark you can find your footing with ease. Not only does step lighting provide safety, it also creates ambience to a sometimes overlooked area.

Idea Two: Lighting for Trees

Trees are nature’s very own decor – they instantly add a beautiful and organic touch to your garden. Go the extra mile with some lighting, which is sure to make any outdoor space look inviting! Whether you’re hosting an al fresco dinner or just looking for something special, here are some ideas that’ll help light up those trees in style:

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When it comes to lighting trees and bushes, creativity is key! With the help of low-voltage LED bulbs placed strategically at a tree’s base or up to 8-10 feet away from its trunk, you can create an atmosphere your family and guests will appreciate. Uplighting helps bring out all the wonderful details these plants have to offer—from hidden branches in its canopy to unique shapes along its trunk structure — giving off just enough light for added drama with none of the shadows. Get creative while crafting this nighttime outdoor lighting vista!


Create a spectacular nighttime atmosphere with the captivating glow of moonlighting! Strategically position light fixtures high in trees and aim them downwards to cast striking shadows that dance across nearby structures, flowers, or garden paths. Whether you use one fixture for subtle accent lighting or multiple fixtures criss crossing each other, this outdoor lighting technique is sure to bring your outdoor space some out-of-this world beauty.


Transform your outdoor space into a striking scene with downlighting. Whether it be adding pizzazz to flower beds or providing more visibility along pathways and patios, this garden outdoor lighting technique is rich in possibilities. One important tip: make sure the lights are hung high enough so they cast just the right amount of sparkle for those below – too bright and you’ll end up needing sunglasses! Ward off intruders by highlighting dark areas while also creating an inviting atmosphere that will surely have friends raving about its charm when visiting next time around.

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Idea Three: Lighting for Garden Safety

When it comes to keeping your garden safe and sound, lighting is a real lifesaver! That’s right – without sufficient illumination you risk finding yourself in the dark, especially in areas that receive little to no light, no matter what time of day. Keep those trips to urgent care (or worse, the emergency room) at bay by making sure your outdoor space is bright enough for all activities.

Pathway Lighting

Make sure your garden is safe and inviting throughout the night with pathway lighting. Guests can travel freely after the sun sets, avoiding any injuries that could otherwise occur if they tripped over an obstacle without a light to guide them along. Plus you get extra points for style! From Victorian lanterns adding classic flair, to sleek fixtures highlighting your flower beds’ beauty – there are plenty of ways to make sure your outdoor haven shines even as darkness falls.

The Narrow Lane Brings Outdoor Magic to Life!

Now is the perfect time to enlist The Narrow Lane in creating your magical world of outdoor lighting!  Our mastercrafters are experts in designing the perfect outdoor lighting plan that will compliment your outdoor living space.  Our mission is to create beautiful spaces for your and your family to gather together and make memories. Contact us today to get started!

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