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Why Work with a Landscape Designer?

If you’re passionate about gardening or design, it may be tempting to try your hand at landscaping design. However, working with a professional landscape designer or landscape architect can offer many benefits while helping you avoid the many pitfalls of landscape design projects.

What Is Landscape Architecture?

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When you start looking around for a “professional landscaper near me,” you may find two different types of professionals: landscape designers and landscapers. Landscape designers have training and extensive experience which allows them to tackle challenging landscape challenges like retaining walls, outdoor structures, and irrigation systems.

Landscapers focus more on smaller residential sites and projects. Most landscapers may have taken some courses but don’t have the training or experience to create that perfect project design.

However, when it comes to creating beautiful outdoor spaces for residential clients, both have significantly more education and experience than the average gardening enthusiast.

The Benefits of Working with Landscape Designers

So, why should you consider working with garden designers or landscape architects instead of tackling the job yourself? Here are just some of the benefits of working with professionals:

Create and develop a vision with a clear end in mind: Many people will know what they want from their garden, but they may have some unrealistic expectations. Landscape designers can help identify client needs, ensuring that they develop a landscape that meets those goals while keeping expectations realistic and achievable.

Work within a budget: Landscape projects can sometimes spiral out of control, with costs rising and jobs taking longer than expected. An experienced landscape designer will work with you  to keep costs low and provide an accurate budget for the job from the outset.

Understanding of local areas, natural stones, and plants: A good landscaping project will incorporate knowledge of the area in terms of local plants, landscaping and even hardscape materials. Any good designer will choose the right plants for the right area, ensuring that they’ll thrive while remaining eco-conscious and water-friendly.

Designs are easier to change than established gardens: Part of the fun of any design is messing around and seeing what works and what doesn’t. It’s much easier to do that with a designer on a piece of paper than realizing your mistake when the plants are in the ground.

Professional project management: A landscape designer is often a project manager and will have the skills to coordinate all the moving parts of constructing a yard you’ll love. They’ll also have the contacts and clout necessary to ensure that everything will proceed smoothly and on time.

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Landscape designers and architects are in the business of designing beautiful spaces that are functional and easy to maintain. Instead of taking on the major headache of managing the entire thing yourself, why not give The Narrow Lane a call at (617) 620-3795? We’d love to help you achieve your dream design today!

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